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I managed to turn a 2 hour layover in Frankfurt to a few day jaunt to Grindelwald Switzerland with John and Helen who are stationed in Stuttgart. They said that we would enjoy it much more than Germany, and since Peggy and I were just tagging along, we certainly couldn't complain. I saw a slide show not long before where they said, "if you can only go to one place in Switzerland, go to Grindelwald." Man, they certainly weren't lying! The small town nestled in the Alps is dominated by the views of the North face of the Eiger along with other high glaciated peaks all around. There are numerous gondolas, trains, and buses to get you just about where ever you need to go. There's no flat areas and all the cool little houses are surrounded with lush green grass and the occasional cows and goats, of course with giant bells around their necks.
John and I didn't get into town until almost 11pm after a 6 hour train ride where Peggy greeted us at the train station with a beer. There was some kind of Wednesday night celebration going on in town with Um-Pa bands, beers, and brats. We had the next 3 full days to do as much as we could including some sort of a climbing adventure that John and I would come up with! Our options for leaving town at the end were to either leave Saturday afternoon and spend a heck of a lot of down time in the Frankfurt airport, or wake up at 4:30am Sunday morning and pray that we wouldn't screw up our train connections and hope everything went smoothly at the airport with close to no time to spare. Considering we would get to spend an extra 1/2 day in Grindelwald, we opted for option 'B'. Yes we did miss one of our train connections but were lucky enough to find another one heading to the airport. The airport was a complete cluster-fuck of people and security checks, but we made our plane with about 5 minutes to spare after the 100 meter dash through the terminal.
Check out the days events and pictures....

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Day 1- Pretty foggy and drizzly, but had to make the best of it. Hikes to beer gardens was the answer.



157-switz day2.jpg (38615 bytes)

Day 2- Aaahhh, beautiful weather! Perfect for a trip to the Jungfrau and a climb of The Mönch (13,448ft), closest neighbor of the Eiger. *Gulp*, pucker-factor=9.99995.



196-switz day3.jpg (93865 bytes)Day 3- More perfect weather and a good day of relaxing and riding the gondolas/buses to beer gardens before the Beer Fest!


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Before this jaunt to Switzerland, I spent some time in Russia.....