What's another "list" ??!!

Colorado, Mt Elbert (14,433ft). Several times up (9/27/98 first time), in all season, and even on my mtn bike.
Hawaii, Mauna Kea (13,796ft). 9/7/04. Sea level to summit.
Alaska, Denali (20,320ft). 6/14/05. Holy-stinkin' crap! Memories of a lifetime.
New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, (13,161ft). 7/30/05. Tour de Wheeler birthday weekend.
Arizona, Humphreys Peak (12,633ft). 4/24/06. Havasu Canyon and Humphreys Peak.
Montana, Granite Peak (12,799ft). 7/2/07. Granite Peak and Grand Teton.
Oregon, Mt Hood (11,239ft). 7/13/08. Rainier and Hood as a co-leader for a CMC HAMS group.
Washington, Mt Rainier (14,411ft). 7/11/08. Rainier and Hood as a co-leader for a CMC HAMS group.
Ohio, Campbell Hill (1,550ft). 12/26/09. A nice drive and a short cold walk with the in-laws.
Pennsylvania, Mount Davis (3,213ft). 10/16/11. Playing around on the rocks and tower during an east coast roadtrip.
Delaware, Ebright Azimuth (448ft). 10/20/11. A minor detour off the highway to a very unexciting intersection.
Indiana, Hoosier High Point (1,257ft). 6/13/12. A two hour drive from Jean's parents house on country roads in the Miata.
Wyoming, Gannett Peak (13,804ft). 7/21/12. Three days, 40 miles, 10K elevation, 9,000 mosquito bites.
Kansas, Mt Sunflower (4,039). 8/17/12. A 3hr drive from home while sick and injured to help kill some time. Speeding ticket in Cheyenne Wells.
High Point, New Jersey (1,803). 9/2/12. We hiked from the AT trailhead outside of the park. Ridiculously hot and humid! Sweated to the top of the monument too.
Mt Frissell south slope, Connecticut (2,380). 9/2/12. Jogged up/down the steep and rocky 2.6 mile trail. Humid but beautiful area in backcountry New England.
Mt Greylock, Massachusetts (3,491). 9/3/12. Drove up from the south, hiked up the monument, then hiked a bit along the AT.
Jerimoth Hill, Rhode Island (812). 9/6/12. A short trail from a hill in western Rhode Island.
Kings Peak, Utah (13,528). 7/22/13.
Borah Peak, Idaho (12,662). 7/24/13.
White Butte, North Dakota (3,506). 4/20/15. A long drive for a windy hike.
Harney Peak, South Dakota (7,242). 4/21/15. A good run to a cool lookout in the Black Hills.
Panorama Point, Nebraska (5,426). 4/21/15. Buffalo roamin' territory.
Boundary Peak, Nevada (13,147). 1017/19.
Mt Whitney, California (14,494ft). 10/18/19.
Black Mesa, Oklahoma (4,973ft). 5/2/20.