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Springtime in Colorado and yet another Hut Trip! Myself, Jean, Keith, and Beth choose the Section House up on Boreas Pass since it had openings, wasn't too far away, and wasn't too hard getting in. Jean and I stayed at Ken's Cabin at the end of January so knew the route in and about how long in would take. We started on Friday morning to a beautiful day and I was on back country skis and the other's opted for snowshoes since they would be climbing a peak on Saturday. Unfortunately I had to leave Saturday morning to catch Section House02.JPG (37826 bytes)a flight to Santa Barbara for work. The 6.5miles in was a piece of cake and I was actually able to get some glide, MUCH easier then the tele skis last time! We took a few breaks for relaxing, chowing, and taking in the sites....aaahhhh, gotta LOVE Colorado in the springtime! After 3hrs we were at the 11,480ft hut and the first ones there. We unpacked, started up the fire, and Beth started making water non-stop. We broke out the JagerBombs and hard liquor and just sat around laughing and having a good time. ForSection House03.JPG (59626 bytes) dinner Jean made us my new favorite meal.....chili on top of mashed potatoes! YUM! Dessert a la Bershader's was brownies cooked in the dinosaur of a wood burning iron stove. YUM YUM! A couple other fun folks showed up and we chatted and played games with them. Not bad only having 6 of us there in a 12 person hut! The inside of the hut is really cool...all sorts of pictures and history of the railroad and surrounding area. Saturday morning came way too fast after a good nights sleep. Jean made us her grampa's famous hash for breakfast and it was the perfect meal before a hike for them, and skiing out for me! YUM again! I packed up and headed out around 8:30, it was once again a perfect day. I was sad to leave and wanted to hike Red Peak with them, but had a great ski out cruising along and getting back to the TH in just over an hour.

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