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In need of a vacation and having talked about a trip to Europe recently, we found a good deal online to go to Rome over Thanksgiving! It would be a short trip, but as usual, we would pack in as much as we could. Leaving Thanksgiving morning we were surprised at the lack of people in the airports, and we planned out our itinerary while waiting in the terminal armed with just carry-on backpacks and a guidebook. This is considered the off-season, but we were surprised at how many tourists were still there. Temps in the mid 60's were surprisingly nice and just a couple quick rain storms kept our umbrellas in our backpacks most of the time. The espresso was tasty and the pizza was the best! Check it out......

Colosseum and the Ancient Roman Forum: Built about 2,000yrs ago it's amazing how giant and old these structures are. We walked around in amazement and took in tons of history on our first day in Rome.

Vatican Museum and St. Peters: Got a good learnin' on art and sculptures on our second day in Rome. The detail and life-like painting are just amazing. St Peters is so huge its just humbling. The Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms were the highlights.

Churches, piazzas, and fountains... oh my!: Our last full day in Rome we covered a lot of ground checking out beautiful churches, paintings, obelisks, fountains, and all sorts of cool stuff all over town. WOW!