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Jean's sister Lori was in town the week before the wedding to hang out and go skiing, good ole sister stuff! My family was flying into Denver on Thursday and heading right up to Estes Park so we met them up there after picking up my tux and the wedding cake. Thursday we all just hung out and ate mexican at Ed's Cantina in town. The weather wasn't looking the best, but its always beautiful in Estes Park. Friday we got an early start and did the touristy stuff through Rocky Mtn National Park, seeing plenty of elk along the way and getting frozen during pictures. It was Laura and Lori's first time in RMNP and Matt hadn't been there since our family trip many moons ago. By the time we got back to the Black Canyon Inn Jean's family was pulling up in a giant Suburban and ready to unload. They had rough drive to the airport through snow and an early flight and were ready to relax for a bit. A few hours later we did a quick run through of the ceremony and had an awesome dinner at the Twin Owls Steakhouse right where the wedding would be. Seemed to go real smooth except we kept getting our hands tangled up while Jean's Dad passed her hand on to me!
Apres-dinner was drinking beers and Jager-bombs into the night at Stinger/Cassel condo with plenty of laughs and pictures. The Black Canyon Inn was a great choice with the ceremony/reception place right near the condos that everyone stayed in. The condo's were huge with vaulted ceiling, kitchens, and giant whirlpool tubs.

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