Mtn Biking Moab
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Once again, bike in the morning and party during the afternoon and night! This time it was myself, Stinger, Peggy, Robyn, and Chad/Libby joined us on Saturday. Had an easy drive out to Moab on Thursday night and set up camp while drinking beers and waking up our neighbors (thank goodness for soundproof tent walls). It was quite a bit hotter than last year and got up to 105 degrees on Friday and in the upper 90's Saturday and Sunday. Luckily we had enough cold beer to cool down from the inside out! The full suspension bike absolutely kicks ass on Moab's trails and I got to abuse myself and my bike on Slickrock (finally), Gemini Bridges (plus 20 extra miles of road), and Porcupine Rim. Slickrock was easy to follow and pretty crowded, but had to be ridden. Lots of steep ups and downs and the key is definitely getting your ass over the rear tire for the downhill, or leaning far ahead and pedaling like crazy for the uphill. The rock is solid sandstone and would be very unforgiving to any skin that came in contact! I felt bad (but had to giggle) at the group on their way out with one person asking how to shift gears on their bike! Gemini Bridges was 90% downhill and a nice change, Peggy and I added some extra miles uphill by riding from camp and I got to ride it again since the keys for our shuttle car were in the car at the trailhead. D'oh! The actual bridges were about halfway through the ride and had some seriously steep drop-offs around. Porcupine Rim was pretty intense, definitely hard and abusive like the book says. Many different types of riding and terrain, from steep blocky uphills, to huge drop-offs and an area appropriately named the "Jackhammer". Towards the end there was about 1000 feet of exposure along the side of the trail! But I was very happy with the way I rode it despite a flat and a wrong tube, and was glad to be intact at the end considering I saw a guy bleeding and a girl with a broken axle not far from the start!
Denali wasn't quite sure what to do in the heat of the afternoons and was giving us the look that said, "alright guys this is enough, I apologize for everything I've destroyed, just get me out of this heat!" He would disappear but would always come running back at some point dirtier than ever and covered in sand. Luckily we had a couple storms come rolling in that cooled things down quite a bit, even some high winds that was whipping up sand everywhere like something out of StarWars! Our afternoons were filled with lots of beer, mixed drinks, Jager, and grilling. We figured 6 cases of beer would be enough, but glad that Chad brought another 18-pack! The Jager didn't last too long and led to some ridiculous moments and stories. Drinking games this time were Chase the Ace Squared, Golf, and Guess the 80's Artist/Song of the only radio station we could get. Along the way we came up with a new recipe for Bean Dip, figured out why our bodies can't digest corn (the Indians way of getting back at us for stealing their land and giving them alcohol), and fashioned Stinger a headlamp out of a flashlight and duct tape. Gotta love giggling uncontrollably for 4 days in a row.

moab2003-01.jpg (120163 bytes) Robyn and Stinger at Gemini Bridges; The actual bridge  moab2003-02.jpg (90289 bytes)

moab2003-03.jpg (65306 bytes) Peggy and Robyn; the not-so-small drop off near Gemini Bridges moab2003-04.jpg (97357 bytes)

moab2003-05.jpg (109818 bytes) Typical afternoon/evening at camp...grillin' and drinkin' moab2003-06.jpg (117302 bytes)

moab2003-07.jpg (112795 bytes) I want what they're drinking!; view along Porcupine Rim moab2003-08.jpg (76802 bytes)

moab2003-09.jpg (82291 bytes) More views from Porcupine Rim; Looking back along the Rim moab2003-10.jpg (100587 bytes)

moab2003-11.jpg (91423 bytes) Nice tent Stinger; Nice headlamp Stinger moab2003-12.jpg (55090 bytes)


Spring time calls for another trip to Moab! Stinger, Peggy, and I went over Memorial Day weekend this time full well knowing that it was going to be hot as hell. That where the 4 cases of Budweiser cans came into play! When we left Colo Spgs for Golden it looked like it was going to rain. By the time we got to Golden it was pouring. We piled in Peggy's stuff and strapped her bike to the roof and headed off. The rain wouldn't let up and changed to snow on the way up Loveland Pass! It went from snow to full out blizzard with about 10ft visibility and cars all over the road. This was going to add a few hours to our trip and didn't let up until the other side of Vail, yep, it really sucked. Finally pulled into BLM land outside of Moab around 2am, set up camp, and had a couple beers. It was actually a little chilly. The next day we switched to an awesome campsite when some hillbillies left and headed out for a ride. It was nice to be able to ride right from the camp instead of having to drive somewhere. It wasn't too blazing hot and we got lucky with a nice breeze. We rode Dalton Wells and got to spend a couple hours playing on the wide open slickrock at the end of the trail. Back to camp and plenty of beers then! The next day we drove up to Amasa Back trail and got to watch a chick kick ass on the beginning steps but eat it bad on the last one. She had quite the bloody lip from kissing the rocks. We rode all the way to the end and had a blast on the downhill coming back. The third day was devoted to keeping cool in the shade and cooling ourselves down from the inside out with icy cold beer. The 9am tee-off of the drinking game Golf helped us to a good start! We managed to trash our site every night and laugh our asses off just to clean it up the next day. The only causality of the weekend was a taco'ed rear tire on Stinger's bike.

moab2002-1.jpg (95685 bytes) Wipeout at the start of Amasa Back; Stinger bitching about the uphill moab2002-2.jpg (111809 bytes)

moab2002-3.jpg (84897 bytes) I just can't understand driving all the way to Moab to drive more?!; Awesome scenery moab2002-4.jpg (63622 bytes)

moab2002-5.jpg (76404 bytes) Stinger riding along; View from part way up Amasa Back  moab2002-6.jpg (64476 bytes)

moab2002-7.jpg (97765 bytes) Peggy at camp; Peggy sacrificing her bike at the top of Amasa Back

moab2002-8.jpg (97518 bytes) I have absolutely no explanation for these pictures! moab2002-9.jpg (66142 bytes)

Our campsite after many many beers; Stinger's creation

moab2002-10.jpg (77792 bytes) Camping in paradise, its free on BLM land right outside of Moab moab2002-11.jpg (80381 bytes)


Having the "Mountain Biking Mecca" of the world just 5 hours away calls for at least one trip there a year! There are tons of trails and it would take months to ride them all. This time we rode: Arches Loop, Hurrah Pass, and Amasa Back. Spring and Fall are the best season in Moab with 60-70's during the day and 30-40's at night.
Arches Loop was awesome but very hard to follow in spots. Not too technical (besides getting chased by a pissed off dog), and the scenery was outstanding. The last half of the ride is through Arches National Park and quite the treat.
Hurrah Pass was a nice long, easy to follow, 4x4 road winding through, then to the top of a canyon.  The view from the top was great and the screaming downhill was a pucker-factor of 9.
Amasa Back was AWESOME! The first 100 yards puts you in your place with some spine-cracking cliffs, but eases off after that. Lots of technical spots to test your skills on slickrock. Pretty busy trail but one that I would definitely ride over and over again.
Enjoy the pics........

View from Arches Loop Trail Along Arches Loop after entering the back of the park

Balanced Rock Balanced Rock in Arches National Park

Balanced Rock Its a little difficult keeping your eyes on the trail with this view! Arches National Park

Hurrah passAn arch in the making. This was the wall of canyon leading up to Hurrah Pass

Peggy, Hurrah Pass  Somewhere along Hurrah Pass trail   Me on Hurrah Pass

Funnel Arch Cool little arch that we had to do some scrambling to get to

Hurrah Pass The trail ended up on top of this mesa, sucked going up...but great coming down!

Top of Hurrah Pass Finally made it to the top

On the way out Coming along Hurrah Pass trail

Petroglyphs One of several places with nice petroglyphs

Amasa Back start The spine-cracking beginning of Amasa Back Trail. Yikes!

Out of gas! The RedBull surfer-dude who saved us after running out of gas

ddddddoooooooooooodddddddd!!!!!!!! This guy definitely was a great ending to an awesome trip!