Kens Cabin
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For Jean's "mystery birthday weekend" I reserved Ken's Cabin out on Boreas Pass for us. Its just a tiny two person cabin with a bed, small table, wood burning stove, and propane stove...COOL PLACE! After checking out the snow sculptures in Breckenridge we started from the Boreas Pass winter TH and snowshoed/skied the 6.5miles in along an old railroad grade. It was pretty easy going and a beautiful day but with high snow clouds on their way in. It was 1,100ft elevation gain up to 11,480ft but was real gentle and steady the entire way. We took several breaks and traded pulling the sled and got there after 3.5hrs. From the wind and blowing snow we had a couple feet of snow to dig away from the door first! Once inside, we got the wood burning stove fired up, cracked open the box of wine, and started cooking some spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. We could hear the wind getting stronger and stronger throughout the night and woke up to cloudy skies and a steady snow. As soon as we opened the front door Saturday morning we were greeted with about 3ft of snow that had drifted up against it! After a relaxing morning and big breakfast we Kens Cabin07.JPG (51971 bytes) decided to try hiking up 13,082ft Boreas Mtn. We left the snowshoes at the cabin thinking we could work our way between the wind blown areas....big mistake! Crossing the drifts we were often up to our waists in snow floundering around. The wind was a steady 30+mph all day but the skies were clearing to a nice blue. Slowly working our way east and southeast we got to a section of loose rocks we could take directly to what looked like the summit. Covering up all skin and putting our backs to the wind since the wind got colder and stronger. After a couple hours we were on the false summit and hopped over to the trueKens Cabin12.JPG (47557 bytes) summit getting blown all over on the way. We buckled down for a quick bite to eat in the 50+mph winds before retracing our steps back down. Once again we were waist deep in snow several times but back at the warm and cozy cabin after 3.5hrs, though it felt like a full day! Pot roast, carrots, mashed potatoes and wine were the perfect hut dinner while playing cards and laughing the night away.
Sunday we woke up to even more snow drifted against the door and we abandoned plans of hiking towards Hoosier Ridge given the wind, snow, and crappy conditions. So we had a leisurely breakfast and packed up for the hike out. Kens Cabin22.JPG (28073 bytes) Typically you would think going downhill with less weight would be easier then the hike in....not this time! We were hiking into the wind the entire time, I couldn't get my skis to work without the skins on while towing a sled, and the drifts were ridiculously deep! It sucked! After putting my skins back on while standing up to my stomach in snow thing were slightly easier...not much though. Jean broke trail and I followed behind with skis and the sled acting like a freakin' snowplow. It was brutal! I swore my heart rate was above 300bpm most of the time and the freezing snow/ice on our faces didn't help. Closer to the TH there were snowshoers and skiers on their way in so atleast we had a semi-packed trail to follow. Oh well, after 3hrs we were back at the truck and heading to the Breckenridge Brewery for much deserved beers and food. Being only 2:30 in the afternoon, we thought we had a jump on ski traffic....wrong! It took over 2hrs to get from Frisco to the Eisenhower Tunnel, thankfully we had full bellies and books to read while sitting there! Regardless, it was yet another awesome hut trip and I wouldn't change a single thing about it!!

Ice sculptures in Breckenridge: Kens Cabin01.JPG (34154 bytes)    Kens Cabin02.JPG (46665 bytes)    Kens Cabin03.JPG (49895 bytes)    Kens Cabin04.JPG (40662 bytes)

Kens Cabin08.JPG (58677 bytes)    Kens Cabin09.JPG (57335 bytes)    Kens Cabin10.JPG (66228 bytes)    Kens Cabin11.JPG (52294 bytes)    Kens Cabin21.JPG (66599 bytes)

On the way up and down Boreas Mtn: Kens Cabin13.JPG (56986 bytes)    Kens Cabin14.JPG (59641 bytes)    Kens Cabin15.JPG (68679 bytes)    Kens Cabin16.JPG (50232 bytes)    Kens Cabin17.JPG (56570 bytes)

Kens Cabin18.JPG (70752 bytes)    Kens Cabin19.JPG (62223 bytes)    Kens Cabin23.JPG (74494 bytes)    Kens Cabin24.JPG (66978 bytes)