Caye Caulker
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After the last five nights in San Ignacio, it was time to do some serious relaxing and watching sunsets. In Belize City245Belize-Caulker.JPG (94069 bytes) we took a cab to the water taxi office and had a beer with tickets in hand for the 50 minute ride northeast over crystal blue and green waters to the tiny island. As soon as we landed we both had giant smiles on our faces realizing that this was paradise!!! There are no cars on Caye Caulker and the tiny streets are all sand. The only transportation is the occasional golf cart and bicycles. We slowly walked down the beach towards our cabana on the beach at Tropical Paradise! We soon found out that the entire island can 252Belize-Caulker.JPG (92668 bytes)be walked in about 20 minutes, just lots of places to eat and dive shops. We had some lunch and margaritas then signed up for snorkeling the following day. We read on the beach and checked out an amazing sunset before going to bed early with a cool ocean breeze coming through the window of our cabana. Our "uniforms" for the next several days would be bathing suits and flip flops.
Tuesday we met up with the snorkeling company and headed out towards the Coral Gardens first. Lots
272Belize-Caulker.JPG (44463 bytes) of colorful fish and coral here including trumpet fish, tarpin, octopus, parrot fish, lobster, sergeant majors, clown fish, barracudas, and eels. Next stop was the Hoh Chan Marine Reserve with more cool stuff to float around and check out. The boat took us to Ambergris Caye for lunch and we quickly found out that we liked Caye Caulker MUCH better! The afternoon snorkeling was in the Shark and Ray Alley. As soon as the boats pull up they are swarmed with sting rays and nurse sharks knowing they will get chum. These were AWESOME to be swimming around with!!! We headed back to the 1-3-2006-06c.jpg (87459 bytes)island for another night of relaxing and doing nothing. Aaahhhh, almost feel a bit guilty for being so relaxed!
Wednesday we borrowed the Tropical Paradise sea kayak and paddled along the island within the barrier reef. You can easily see the bottom of the ocean and there isn't much of a current. Later we swam around "The Split" where Hurricane Haiti split the island in half a few years ago. More food and beers before another fantastic sunset from the back pier.
Thursday we decided to bum around the island and do a half-day snorkeling tour to some of the same areas. We first went to South Channel where the coral splits deep enough for large boats to go through. This was really cool seeing
266Belize-Caulker.JPG (46254 bytes) down so deep with coral and fish on all sides. Next was another shark/ray alley with even more rays then the other day!! Easily a couple dozen of them of all shapes and sizes. One of the few sharks that showed up was easily 6ft long!!! WOWZA! Back on the island it was the usual routine of napping, drinking Belikins, and reading on the beach before a fantastic italian dinner at Don Corleone's.
Friday was our last day on Caye Caulker...WWWAAAHHHHH!!!!! We decided to take the 3pm water taxi back to
1-4-2006-20.jpg (144560 bytes)Belize City so we could make the most of the day. Easy decision of what to do....swim around the warm water and relax! 3pm

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Tropical Paradise and our Cabana: 244Belize-Caulker.JPG (68424 bytes)   265Belize-Caulker.JPG (57653 bytes)    268Belize-Caulker.JPG (60775 bytes)    267Belize-Caulker.JPG (73831 bytes)

No cars, just small sandy streets for bikes: 254Belize-Caulker.JPG (82524 bytes)    247Belize-Caulker.JPG (70667 bytes)    PC260079.JPG (83996 bytes)

Beautiful sunsets every night: 259Belize-Caulker.JPG (57232 bytes)    260Belize-Caulker.JPG (55596 bytes)    261Belize-Caulker.JPG (58541 bytes)    262Belize-Caulker.JPG (61351 bytes)    269Belize-Caulker.JPG (43828 bytes)    

Snorkeling with stingrays and nurse sharks: 1-3-2006-01c.jpg (71769 bytes)    1-3-2006-04.jpg (69059 bytes)     1-3-2006-10.jpg (122620 bytes)    1-3-2006-13c.jpg (126457 bytes)

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