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Space mentioned getting married in the Bahamas so this was one wedding that I was certainly not going to miss! Besides, I needed anotherBahamas01.jpg (174450 bytes) beach vacation before getting back to the cold mtns! It was an all-inclusive deal for the hotel and finding airfare wasn't a problem. I chose to just stay for three night knowing it was going to be a HUGE party and I would have had enough after three nights. 90 people in the Bahamas all from Philly was a great way to do things!
Unfortunately I got sick a few days before leaving and barely slept the night before leaving my house at Bahamas02.jpg (158260 bytes) 4:45am for my flight. I had layovers in Texas and Florida before finally getting to Nassau around 5pm. From there it was right to the Radisson Cable Beach resort and getting checked in. Nate had already scored us a fatty room upgrade on the corner with a huge room and balcony! I found Space at the bar right away and soon started seeing the other boys from Philly. It was great seeing these guys that most of them I haven't seen in around 8yrs! Luckily, not much has changed and we picked up the partying right where we left off. Had a great filet mignon dinner that was cooked right  in front of us and plenty more drinks. After gallons of Capt'n Morgan and OJ, Nate and I decided to catch a cab to Senor Frogs. It was closed so the cabby took us to the next place. We were two of about about 10 white people there but proceeded to get even more tanked and dancing around. Saw the weirdest hair I've ever seen....looked just like a pineapple made out of hair on a couple broads! Strange stuff. Eventually made it back to the hotel alive and were bummed we had no more booze (something we would correct for the following night).Bahamas03.jpg (200531 bytes)
The next morning we got up too early and hungover and made it to the breakfast buffet. We had plans of going golfing, the green fees are waived but it would be $55 for a cart and to rent clubs. Forget that! Instead we wandered around the beach checking out the resort and hitting the bars once they opened up at 10am. The place was Bahamas04.jpg (310673 bytes) real nice with palm trees everywhere, several pools, tons of lounge chairs with the beach real close, and island music playing everywhere. After going between the beach and the bars for a couple hours we hit the lunch buffet! Gotta take full advantage of the all-inclusiveness! That's basically how the entire day, beach, bar, beach, bar, beach, etc etc etc. That night there were dinner reservations for everyone for music and a flame-eating show. Of course it was steak, ribs, seafood, and all sorts of sides. RothsteinBahamas05.jpg (237530 bytes) was eating like an animal and had bbq sauce from his head to elbows! Cohen had cigarettes for dinner once again. To solve the post-2am no beer problem, each time we were heading to the room we would get 6-packs from the bar and take them up to the bathtub! A beach towel full of ice and several trips to the bar lead to just about a full bathtub of beer for the late night party! We all ended up just as much of a mess and ran the bar out of Capt'n Morgan and Crown Royal. We all hung out on the beach for awhile and ended up back at our room slugging down beers till the wee hours. Our poor maids had quite the disaster to contend with each day, but they were laughing at us and seemed to be okay with it. The late night restaurant was god-sent and we made sure to bring back about 8 containers of food each night too!
Bahamas06.jpg (119202 bytes) Up way too early and at the breakfast buffet once again. The wedding party had pictures and all that fun stuff to deal with, so we spent the day at the bar and on the beach again! Actually tried snorkeling but almost drowned since there  was no bite piece on the snorkel. That was enough of that, besides, the fish were nothing like in Hawaii anyway. The wedding started in the early evening with a flute player and under a nice gazebo near a waterfall. Ironically the songBahamas07.jpg (105899 bytes) "Another One Bites The Dust" was playing in the background from the bar! The ceremony wasn't too long and then it was happy hour before the reception. The place was set up real nice and was a real fun time. Then comes the reception with the speeches and dances and food and pictures and blah blah blah.
Soon after the wedding Nate, Cohen, Rothstein, Bonita, and myself were on our way to Senor Frogs. The margaritas and shots kept a comin' there and before long we were stripped down and jumping off the deck about 20 ft down into the ocean! Bahamas08.jpg (111109 bytes) Little did we realize there was a hundred yard swim to a rusty ladder then a run down the alleyway to get back to Senor Frogs! Oh well, sure didn't stop us from jumping a few times. Since we were soaking wet and in our underwear we headed right for the dance floor! The ride back to the hotel was through shady neighborhoods on dirt roads and we were lucky to get out alive. Back at the hotel we headed to our room where the bathtub was full of beer and we proceeded to stay up till dawn once again. Sunday was a pretty rough day and at that point I couldn't wait to get off the island! I felt like death the entire plane ride back and told everyone that IBahamas09.jpg (97209 bytes) never wanted to see them again! Floating in and out of consciousness the entire flight, I was greeted to c-c-c-c-cold and freezing temps back in Colorado Springs. So there I am in shorts and a t-shirt scraping thick ice off my truck windows at midnight.

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